• -Joining of AACSA-AC is voluntary and not limited to employees only. 

  • -Hence the team has adopted non-employees runners. All runners within close proximity of the Anglo American coal SA operations (50km radius from the operation) will be aided in developing their respective running skills. 

  • -Membership of the Club is open to any employee of Anglo American Coal SA, their family members and community constituency around our mining operations.

  • -Membership is valid for one year.

  • -Membership of the Club shall consist of the following categories:

  • -A: Athletics member – All Categories as defined by the Athletic South Africa (ASA).

  • -B: Such other class or classes as the Committee may from time to time decide.

  • -Only fully registered members in the category [A] shall have the right to vote at Annual General Meetings.

  • -The Committee has the power to expel any member found guilty of unseemingly conduct: as laid out in the Team constitution as well as that of Mpumalanga Athletics Association and Athletics South Africa. 

  • -As a club we adhere to the constitution of AMPU and ASA and as such all disciplinary procedures will be handled in accordance with their constitutions (add link www.athleticsmpumalanga.co.za )

  • -Registration Fees (ASA) of the membership shall be paid by Runner(s) to the club.

  • -Every application for admission to club shall be made on the form provided for the purpose.



Please note that by filling in the form you agree that you will be charged a joining fee of R700 for new membership  and R350 for renewal .


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